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You'll receive email and Feed alerts when new items arrive. Turn off email alerts. Not finding what you're looking for? Skip to main content. Refine more Format Format. Items in search results. Search refinements Categories. Consumer Electronics Vintage Electronics Automotive Format see all Format. All Listings filter applied. Buy It Now. Type see all Type. Vacuum Tube 8. NOS Tube 6. Tube Socket 1. Not Specified 2. Brand see all Brand.

Electro-Harmonix Mullard 3. Unbranded 1. Condition see all Condition. New 8. Used 1. Not Specified 8. Please provide a valid price range. Item Location see all Item Location.Read article here. Electro Harmonics is a very large music accessory manufacturer, with products like guitar strings, effect pedals, etc. They have their tubes made by their own specifications, in several tube factories around the world, mainly incl. If you need matched tubes, we match these for you.

ei kt90 tubes for sale

Please check in the price list for the types offered. That is what they say on their website. My personal experience from selling the B-EH-Gold is a little bit different. The tube can have issues, which to my opinion makes this tube what it is: A tube for a reasonable price, with reasonable performance. So I am not negative about this tube, it is just not as ultimate as they say it is.

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Issues I had with those were: Plates were mounted not on the same height, and tubes were humming. Glass height of a pair was too different.

EAR 890 Amplifier [Expired]

In general these tend to draw lower plate current than Western Electric. So a good B draws 60mA. That doesn't mean a 50mA tube is weak, but then it must have higher Gm than normal. Also it gives me no good feeling to receive always tubes from Also the tubes they send were sometimes four years old.

Occasionally you can have a broken heater. Problems always come after the guarantee is over, so you can't complain. It's just a pity, the guarantee is a bit short, only 3 months. All together we decided stop selling this tube. If you want a low cost tube, we have some Sovtek Bwhich is good old quality, from a very old lot.

Yet, price is very attractive. If you want ultimate quality, with lifetime same or better than Western Electric, we recommend Emission Labs B. This tube has five years guarantee, of which you get an on-line confirmation by email, after registration.

So you can print this email just normally and keep it with your tubes. Failure rate is virtually zero, and the matching is done with the double burn in "PL" method. Sextets and Octets cost no extra, but we must have them available. For manufacturers we also can supply a pcs bulk pack at OEM Prices. What means the letters PL.KT90 and types and brands exist, and what you can do with the this tube. Also the most common electrical circuits are given for KT88 and For a collection of datasheets, follow the link to 4tubes.

For this, click at 4tubes. The age of audio tube inventions has ended aroundand for the non audio tubes, as far as I know only the Klystron and the Travallig Wave tube were invented. I would call the frame grid an excellent idea, but no break trough kind of invention. After this, there was only refinement and miniaturization, which are not inventions. Moreover, miniaturization is always at the cost of good tube curves, because of tolerance issues becoming more dominant.

Historically, there has always been competition between Europe and the USA, breaking things down to a level, such as the refusal to use a metric system in the USA, or the refusal in Europe to set industrial standards.

Of course each side invented their own tube sockets, as if there were not enough of those yet. Even today it can be very clearly observed that a popular tube socket will make a tube more accepted, and vice versa.

The most popular socket is certainly the octal socket, though technically speaking it is not the best.

EI KT90 Type II

Add to this, the Europeans have patented the pentode. So for 25 years, the Americans had to pay a licence or find another solution. Well, and as things are with competition, they tried another solution, called the beam tetrode. A beam tetrode is a work around the pentode patent, and has no other purpose.

A beam tetrode works like a pentode, but has the third grid replaced by deflection plates. That works also, but still not as nice a real third grid. However, the beam tetrode did it's job and the best know family member of this kind is probably the 6L6. Today 6L6 is used mainly in guitar amplifiers, because of it's 'distorted' sound.

After the patents ran out, the USA gave up on the beam tetrodes, and real pentodes were made there as well. I want to put up front this situation with the pentode patent, because it is often forgotten, but still many of the tubes and developments resulted from this situation. In Europe the EL34 was "the" big pentode which was the result of a long evaluation.

It starting with the AL1, the first large output pentode, for radios. After that AL4 was developed. Then with 6. In the USA it was the more sloppy 6L6 that won the race.

Saying that KT66 and 6L6 are almost the same that leaves us with four very popular power pentodes. Any other differences are just playing with numbers and pin-connections.

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The end of the evaluation is the KT88 and the crown is the EL Our Own Damn Socket Type. Many really great tubes got forgotten before they had a chance to get remembered.

The EL never had a breakthrough because of the socket. This is a pity, because the EL socket is much nicer than Octal. It has a guide pin like Octal, but then 10 pins with clear positioning too. So unlike with Octal, no idiot can press in the tube in the wrong position, by using two hands.The most common types of tubes and their European equivalents used today include: - Tung-Sol developed the first tube in The design was based on the 6L6GC tube with higher power ratings, and featured a coke bottle shaped envelope like the European KT66 tubes.

GE and Sylvania later developed uprated A tubes with straight-sided glass. The can be used interchangeably with its European rival, the KT The KT88 can be used interchangeably with its American rival, the Please see our notes about substituting KT tubes for and KT88 tubes. Click "more info" for pricing, availability, and matching options.

Price includes precision testing and matching. The Sovtek WE features thicker plates, improved heat dissipation, higher transconductance, and increased linearity. The result is higher output power, greater headroom, and superior tone.

The s Sylvania power tubes in this matched pair have welded gray plates, 3 getters, and metal collar bases.

ei kt90 tubes for sale

The blue or green print on the glass has the PhilipsECG. Click "more info" for test restuls. These new production Tung-Sol power tubes are based on the original type 3 Tung-Sol made in the s. A matched pair in push-pull configuration can deliver watts of power.

The egg-shaped glass envelope improves dissipation and reduces microphonics. Authorized Grado and Ortofon dealer. Contact us for an appointment. Comparison of design maximum values for tube types pentode connection. Plate Dissipation. Plate Voltage. Screen Voltage. Displaying products 1 - 6 of 6 results. Show: 30 60 90 Your cart is empty.This is a tough one.

The EAR is the best sounding tube amp I've heard in my system, but I've decided to mix things up and try something different. So goes this crazy hobby and up for sale is my beloved EAR It's in perfect working condition, with superficial nicks and scratches here and there. I listen to it every day, and will continue to do so until sold.

I am the second owner. Features include balanced inputs transformer-coupled as well as single ended inputs, separate level controls for each channel, and the option of flexible mono-block operation to deliver W into a wide range of loudspeaker loads. Build quality and finish are to EARs usual high standards, with a distinctive touch of luxury in the thick brass front panel, heavily chromed and polished to a mirror finish. There are no user adjustments. The amp features auto-biasing.

It is cost effective, powerful, maximally tuneful, user friendly, and you need only one chassis. It works with inefficient, 4-ohm speakers like the Eidolons, and will probably power anything on the planet, from horns to electrostats to multi-driver designs, with musical authority. Plus, any normal audiophile can lift it without dastardly results. Levi, Positive Feedback Online. It is extremely easy to set up and sounds good with little or no tweaking.

It is about enjoying the music and not a finicky or touchy piece of gear. It is very cohesive and the tonality is excellent and very well integrated from highs to lows… Resolution and detail are excellent and they are presented in a relaxed, smooth manner. Sound staging and imaging are terrific. Textures were neither smoothed-over nor scuffed-up.

Perhaps the most extraordinary thing about the EAR Power Amplifier was that, with the exception of the Quads that I used it to drive, this was the first new audio product in a very long time that I caught myself scheming to buy.

Tape decks Tuners View All Analog. Solid state Tube View All Integrateds. Accessories D. LOG IN. EAR used Overview This is a tough one. So goes this crazy hobby and up f Sorry, this listing has ended. Atma-Sphere S MK 3. Atma-Sphere M MK 3.

ei kt90 tubes for sale

Average Research Pricing. Overview This is a tough one.Failure to do so will delay processing of your order. We do not ship tubes without this information. Sonically they are true to the Electo Harmonix brand; clear top end that is open but not bright or tizzy, tight bottom end, and a clear midrange that is not hard or clinical.

They are not a super warm tube. Every power tube is different. Both tubes would be considered "new" by the factory, and not defective. I can say with calm assurance that we pay the factories more for our tubes than any other tube seller, and we ensure that we receive the absolute cream of the crop.

This flies against the logic of how to run a business: The way you make money is to pay less for the goods you sell! We pass on a lot of money as a result. Upscale Audio is the only dealer that does what we do on a grand scale, and have a deep understanding of high end tube electronics.

And I promise you only the best. If you find any item on our website available for a lower price elsewhere, contact us. We will meet or beat any verifiable price from an authorized dealer.

We accept offers on our inventory of used equipment that does not have a posted price. Don't low-ball us. We won't respond. We do not accept offers on used equipment that has a posted price; these items are priced according to market value and will sell.

We create package deals for our customers that cannot be beat. And, we take trade-ins! Contact us for expert consultation when making any upgrades to your system.

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ei kt90 tubes for sale

Electro-Harmonix KT Add to Cart. Pricing above includes matching in any quantity you need at no extra charge. New Equipment If you find any item on our website available for a lower price elsewhere, contact us. Used Equipment We accept offers on our inventory of used equipment that does not have a posted price.Home New posts Latest activity.

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I've got some Ei KT90's and trying to identify the types. These photos show two of them. They have different boxes, though I'm not sure that matters. These two look quite similar, with the square "patch".

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