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Question about wideband 02 sensor

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Oxygen Sensor Wideband Control Kits

Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. How lean is too lean? Please log in to reply. Posted 25 June - AM. Gday all! On the weekend I finally installed a innovate LC-1 wideband and boost gauge and got round to road testing and seeing what my afr's and boost pressure is. Unfortunately I'm a bit worried with my results. At Idle my Afr is around On very light load - rpm it leans out to My major concern is when its under full boost psi, I am not sure what the afr's should be here.

Thanks guys. There is no such thing as a general 'optimal' AFR number, as every engine, and every change is different. My engine loved flat 12's, until I put cam gears on it and retarded the exhaust timing, then it wanted around 11 at peak torque increasing to around That said, your readings are way too lean.

Also, do you have much in the way of timing advance, as this is also a big factor. Bugger all timing means you can get away with less fuel, but I'd go for more fuel and then creep up with timing. As suggested by Supraholic, stick with around Light throttle cruise try around 14 as a start, then with light - mid throttle pressure start richening to 13 or so, and then richen up from there depending on throttle and boost pressure.Hello everyone I have a Supra with a 7mgte.

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Runs fine with regular ecu plugged up. With aem from driftmotion plugged in I can't get stat sync to come on. I am running gm 3 bar map and gm iat. Also have rc injectors. Walbro fuel pump, aem wideband. Iat and afr reading right but was curious about the map reading 1 psi engine off. Also while cranking it doesn't go into negative when there is vacuum.

Is this normal? No rpms. Based on your description, there is no crank count.

7mgte wideband

I'm new to the whole standalone ems. I figured it would get its reading from the cps. And btw with the whole map situation I got it figured out. Now reading properly. I heard people having trouble getting their cps to read properly due to weak signal or interference. I've also read stories of people having my same setup and it runs after they finally get the cps to sync up.

I had this 7m running sweet and dead nuts on 10 degrees before I installed the ems. So I know I have a good cps. Stock cps stock igniter and stock coil packs with plug wires. List of mods I acquired for the aem ems are gm map sensor 3bargm iat sensor, aem eugo wideband. Thank you for the reply btw. This means you have a problem with your setup and not that you need to install a crank sensor. Why you're not getting a crank signal can be for any number of reasons.

This means this is an entirely custom third party setup and outside the level of support AEM provides. I suggest either getting support from Drift Motion directly or reaching out to a qualified tuner with good setup debugging experience to help sort out your install. Skip to main content. Search form Search. Find an authorized dealer.

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Bosch 4. Log in or register to post comments. Last post. Last seen: 1 year 7 months ago. No stat sync 7mgte mk3 Supra.Display Options. Already know the part number you need? Click here to enter them directly into your cart. If you are an international customer who ships to a US address choose "United States delivery" and we will estimate your ship dates accordingly. If you are an international customer and would like to change the currency that prices are displayed in, you can do so here.

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Supra mk3 7mgte all stock 11 psi 1/4 mile Pont rouge

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7mgte wideband

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Low Price Guarantee We're so confident in our low prices, we offer a Beat-a-Price Guarantee: We'll beat our competitors' advertised prices on any identical, in-stock product proof of advertised price required! Beat-a-Price Guarantee Details.Welcome to Driftmotion! Our shop location is also closed to the public until further notice, no will-call services for any reason.

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7mgte wideband

The only info we can provide is what you see in your tracking info. Thank you so much for your support over the years, and your patience at this time. We will get through these difficult times, and we will always do our best for you! Please everyone stay safe out there!!! We only ship to your credit card billing address. We can not ship international orders to domestic freight forwarders.

Items that have the free shipping logo displayed will only qualify for shipping inside the US lower 48 states. All prices shown on our website are in US Dollars. Shop By Part Type. Denso Narrowband o2 Sensor with 18mm x 1.

Haltech iC-7 1. ECUMaster Wideband 4. ProEfi LSU 4. AEM 3. BTI Touch Screen 2. BTI Touch Screen 3.The EMU Black is a class-leading, stand-alone engine management system, designed to operate the most advanced and complex engines available. It is a successor of our proven system, EMU. EMU Black targets race cars, road cars, motorcycles, boats, and stationary engine applications.

The EMU Black controls fueling, ignition and auxiliary systems on cylinder engines including those with drive-by-wire throttles and VVT.

Free, easy to install firmware upgrades further improve system capabilities e. EMU Black software package 2. EMU Black software change log. USB driver 2. It easily matches the functionality of other stand-alone management systems with multiple inputs and outputs. All of this provides greater flexibility, reduces costs and negates the requirement for external or supplemental signal conditioning control systems and the associated wiring that other management systems require.

The device is manufactured on an automated assembly line with optical inspection, automatically tested including burn-in. All Rights Reserved. Full bridge up to 7A, can be used as separate outputs or 2 H-Bridges.

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All with DC motor and current requirement lower than 6.Posted by overboosted1gApr 28, Featured Products from our Supporting Vendors. Activity Feed DSMtuners. Join the Community! Chat with others, create a build thread, post questions and answers.

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Get involved! Logging in will also remove many of the advertisements, along with this notice. Where to mount wideband o2 sensor Posted by overboosted1gApr 28, Apr 28, 1. I'm installing my innovate mtx-l wideband and I need to know how far down on the downpipe I should weld the bung. This is the highest flowing BOV on the market. Apr 28, 2. You can install the bung however far you want. Just make sure it can still hookup to where it plugs in. Apr 28, 3.

Apr 28, 4. They usually say about 36 inches from the turbo, so about 3 feet. The closer to the turbo the more accurate reading your gonna get, but you will lose life on the sensor.

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Also you will mount it on a slight angle facing down so there is no water build up in the sensor. Apr 28, 5. The minimum is 18" down stream. Make sure to mount no less then 3oclock and no higher then 2oclock. Basically 10 degrees up from the horizontal plane of the vehicle.

Be sure to allow for some movement so you don't place it somewhere then your exhaust shifts and blows it up.

7mgte wideband

Ask me how I know. Apr 28, 6.The main applications for the EMU Black are modified race cars, passenger cars, motorcycles, boats, and stationary engine applications. Decades ago, the critical electronic components in a race car were the ignition coil and points. Race cars now feature advanced engine management systems, antilock brake systems, paddle shifters, dataloggers, radios, electric pumps, fans, and lights.

All components need to be controlled at the correct moment, and all components require circuit protection to prevent damage or fire.

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All of these problems can be solved by using intelligent power management units PMUs. Our newly developed PMU unit is at the forefront of technology. It provides 16 high current outputs and use of multiple units if more outputs are required. Choose your next upgrade from our full range of racing electronics.

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